Industrial Pre-Shredders: Series 2 Double Cut Shredding Systems


DS-10 through DS-100
Dual Shaft Pre-Shredders

Series 2 Double Cut Shredding Systems consist of a dual-shaft pre-shredder and an industrial paper shredder. The dual shaft pre-shredder has a larger particle size than the secondary shredder and its horsepower is determined by the speed required to keep paper flowing through the secondary shredder at a constant pace. Double cut shredding systems maximize the throughput because the secondary shredder can shred pre-shredded paper at a faster rate than whole documents require.

Series 2 Double Cut Shredding Systems can turn existing strip cut paper shredders into double cut systems without doubling the space or reducing the throughput. The pre-shredder discharges onto the infeed conveyor of the secondary shredder resulting in a small footprint. Dual shaft pre-shredders can also be used in combination with industrial cross cut shredders, hammer mills, disintegrators, etc. in order to increase their throughput.

  • Choice of horsepower & shred width
  • Space saving versatility
  • Infeed conveyor optional
  • Paper metering system available
  • Turns an existing strip cut shredder into a double cut shredding system
  • Both shredders run independently for optimum functionality

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